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Grenville has helped numerous businesses and organizations better manage their productivity

We began as proud purveyors of high quality, traditional offset print production.  Over the years, as print technology and workplace dynamics shifted, Grenville adapted to meet our clients’ changing needs. Offering fast and reliable digital print production, both on and off site, as well as dependable facilities management, such as mailroom, shipping and receiving, warehousing and fulfillment, Grenville became a trusted partner in workflow management. 

We continue to meet our clients’ needs today by offering complete workplace solutions.

As experienced and authorized dealers of Canon and HP, and trusted print and managed services experts, we integrate technology, software, and services to deliver total support to our clients that finds value and improves workflow.

We are proud of our tradition of excellence, and that is why we are pleased to offer penalty-free cancelation and a full return policy, if you are unhappy with any of our products or services.

Our goal is to be your workplace solutions provider. Whether it is equipment, software, or services available through our Smart Copy Centres, our online digital storefront, or our team of account executives, Grenville is here to support you.


The best technology in the world means nothing without the right people to make it work.

At Grenville we consider our greatest resource to be the team we’ve curated: accomplished managers, expert technicians, and a sales force that will always have your best interests in mind.

Our combined knowledge and experience along with the latest hardware and software from our innovative partners add up to solutions you and your business can rely on.

Ready to Join the Team?

As we continue to grow, we are looking for people who value diversity, a challenging work environment and who share a passion for excellence.



Unlike our competitors, we are a single source solution for document management.  Combining equipment, software, and on and offsite services, our account executives partner with organizations to streamline workflows and find efficiencies.  We help organizations understand how they do business, and show them how they can best manage their productivity.

As Canada’s largest, independent document solutions company, we have your best interest in mind.  As a vendor-neutral company, our only commitment is to delivering impeccable service solutions to our clients, and our long-running partnership with industry-leading vendors allows us to find the best product or service at the best possible price


Whether it is equipment, software, or service, we implement your solution fast and effectively to minimize downtime.  Our on-boarding team works with your organization to determine optimal implementation dates and logistics, and to ensure that our solutions dovetail with current systems.      

Our technicians ensure that all equipment is integrated with pre-existing IT infrastructure, and that all new software and networking is live, secure, and immediately intuitive to organizational needs.  Similarly, we ensure that all of our on-site personnel are fully trained to client specifications, and supported by a management team that is ready to go to work for you.      


As trusted service-providers and office equipment experts, you can depend on Grenville to keep your business up and running.  We have a mobilized fleet of technicians and IT specialists, backed up by a trusted communications and service-dispatch network to ensure that your equipment, software, and service remain operational.   

We know how frustrating it is when equipment stops working. Should you experience any technical difficulties a technician will contact you within one business hour to determine the nature of the problem.


We understand that an environmentally sustainable business practice is the only way towards maintaining long-term growth.  Through initiatives like low and efficient lighting, energy-saving automation on all of our equipment, recycling programs for printer cartridges and toner containers, and the use of sustainable energy providers like Bullfrog Power, Grenville remains committed to an eco-friendly business model.

Working with Trees Canada has allowed us to replenish the resources our business depends upon each year.  Currently, we plant three to four hundred trees annually through this partnership.  Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our own practices.  In 2014 we managed to successfully transition all of our clients to 100% recycled paper for the bulk of their daily print requirements, and we continue to work with clients to track their internal print use and to find ways to reduce waste.

Our software solutions are paramount to our sustainability initiatives, and they allow our clients to minimize their own environmental footprint in the process.  With features and applications that facilitate and encourage collaborative online work, that allow for documents to be shared and edited in real time rather than repeatedly printed, that limit and control print by user, machine, or job, and that minimize redundant and wasteful printing, the Smart Office puts environmental sustainability into action.