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The Importance of Printer Security
The Importance of Printer Security

Printers are traditionally viewed as harmless devices with issues never more serious than a paper jam or low ink. Over the years however these machines have become more sophisticated, with many now featuring hard disk memory storage and network connectivity that leaves them susceptible to the same hacking attacks that face PCs. Despite that increased susceptibility, many businesses seem to be unaware of these potential problems, and IT professionals often overlook print devices as a security threat, which can cause irreparable damage.


Printers Security Vulnerabilities


While usually associated with servers, emails, and operating systems, security breaches are still capable of affecting printers, as they are connected to your network. Not only do printers handle sensitive material daily, but print devices offer hackers a portal into all of your data if not secured properly. It is essential that part of your security policy involves these machines in three key areas: users, documents, and devices.


Anyone who uses your print devices needs to be properly trained on security protocol to avoid any risk of human error. Devices that feature password protected printing can help curb this. Documents passing through the print environment also need to be properly handled, ensuring proper, secured destinations for scanned documents, and frequent hard drive clearing for those stored on the device. Lastly, all necessary security features need to be enabled and properly functioning with pre-existing software and protocols.


Basic Steps to Security


  • Control access to the printer and its functions by group, individual, and activity
  • Identify workflow stages, and ensure data is secure at all points
  • Utilize all available tools and features to ensure document protection
  • Ensure proper training of, and adherence to, security protocols surrounding print devices
  • Involve print devices in network security policies


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