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5 Security Features Your Printer Needs to Have in 2018
5 Security Features Your Printer Needs to Have in 2018
  1. Printing Authentication:

Whether digitally or manually, data theft has become a huge problem. When a print job is left on the printer, any sensitive information becomes vulnerable to passersby. Requesting that users input a password or PIN before a print job is released, also referred to as “pull printing”, mitigates this problem.


  1. Data Encryption:

Any transmission of data is open to theft via interception. However, when encrypted the stolen material is rendered useless to thieves. Your printer should have the ability to encrypt not only the data that is sent to it but also the data it sends out via scanning.


  1. Activity Logs:

The ability to monitor the activity on your machine allows you to better understand the behaviour of its users, and ensure security protocols are being followed. If a data breach occurs, the activity log can help you trace the incident and pinpoint any problems in your system.


  1. Hard Drive Clearing:

Many multifunction printers (MFPs) in the current market contain hard drives that store information from documents that pass through it. Clearing this hard drive regularly is an important step to keep your business protected. Your printer should have a simple yet effective data clearing procedure.


  1. Password Protection:

A printer’s ability to automate tasks such as cloud storage, or the emailing of scanned documents can greatly reduce the risk for human error. However, these digital documents are vulnerable to threats. You can protect your data while ensuring your printer can perform its automated tasks with the added layer of password protection.